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    Who's using SolMan?

      We're using SolMan at Insight
      - Documentation SOLAR02
      - Transport Project Management (Couldn't get the full integration working though)

      Never used blueprint

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          We would be interested in the issues you had with Change Request Management (Transport Management).  We tried to utilize this module and also had several problems.

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            Raymond Smith

            We have implemented CHaRM at Centex Homes using Solman 3.2. Although it is not perfect and we have had problems, I have been pretty happy with it. Response on the problems from Waldorf has been wonderful.

            We did use SAP to help us to implement it. It took two weeks to get Service Desk/CHaRM implemented. I would suggest this approach, but allow at least another week for training. You will spend a lot more time trying to figure things out on your own.

            The documentation for Solution Manager is pretty good for Urgent Corrections (Production Down) and Normal Corrections (weekly maintenance), but it is very weak for Implementation projects.

            If you have questions about CHaRM, feel free to email me at raymond.smith@centexhomes.com.

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              Rodney Schmisseur

              We're starting to use Solution Manager as part of our new 'converged' SAP NetWeaver development.  Bell Atlantic was on PeopleSoft, GTE was on SAP (from 3.1h thru 4.7E) and Verizon Communications will be moving forward on SAP (ECC6.0).  We're starting with blueprint since this is a new landscape with 'new/converged' business processes.

              We began with 3.2 but have installed 4.0 on our SolMan sandbox and expect to migrate the project to 4.0 shortly.

              Interest in Service Desk, Monitoring -- may implement CHARM after we go live with our first effort -- confess we're somewhat leery of using CHARM to build a new landscape from scratch.

              - Rod Schmisseur, Verizon

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                We are using Solution Manager 3.2 for EWA and Monitoring.  Would like to use Solution Manager server as the CEN for landscape. Does anone know if I need to install the CCMS agents on each system?  Goal is to have alarms and auto-reaction email sent from the Solution Manager server.

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                  Scott Enterline

                  Hi Rod:
                  i can understand your concers especially with Charm. We do use Service desk for our SAP help desk. let me know if you need more info onit


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                    Thomas Mazalek


                    I understand the benefits of SOlMan for projects but would apprciate hearing how companies are using it for SAP system sustainment. We are currently drafting a business case for implementing SOLMan and therefore would appreciate any feedback on it's use for SAP system sustainment.

                    Many thanks,

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                      We are in the process of implementing 4.0 (upgrade from 3.2) primarily for system sustainment/change management/implementation and upgrade projects.  We have been using a relatively tight Change management process for 3 years and want to adapt it to SolMan.  We do monthly releases, Quarterly releases, daily urgent corrections and monthly/weekly master data changes, all in change control.  

                      We are in the process of trying to accomplish this in a test environment before we go live with production.

                      Feel free to contact me at your convienience.  We can share our experiences to date.

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                        Stephen Hardy

                        PepsiCo - has been using Solution Manager for over 2 years for an implemntation project. Since our Release 1 and 2 go-lives occurred during 2006, we are in the process of setting up Business Process Montitoring. We are working with SAP AGS to accomplish this as a pilot using our Indirect procurement processess from R1.

                        We did not use SolMan delivered content for Blueprint. We have another Business Process document tool from Borland where our Business Process Model was created. We were able to do an excel upload into SolMan as our starting point.

                        If you choose not to use SolMan in Blueprint you loose the pre-delivered config task content that would be associated with your process model. You can build it yourself by accessing the repository in SolMan

                        I wish that SolMan was better able to help you plan and manage you configurttion tasks - which to perform first ,etc. Also be able to assign to resources and monitor progress with KPI's metrics etc.

                        We also make extensive use of the Active Global Support program offering called Max Attention - if you use this service you must use SolMan.

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                          Scott Enterline

                          We have been using Sol Man for about 4 yrs - started with 2.2 and are on 4.0 now.  The timing worked out good for us, as we started the project we started using it for all the implementation functions inlcuding projects, blue print, documentation, testing. we use it for Support desk, all the systems monitoring and looking into ChaRM
                          Send a note or ping me at vonkajay@yahoo.com for any more info.