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    Fax Solution for SBO

    Daniel Behrendt

      Hello Everyone I was just wondering if anyone has integrated a fax solution with Business One.  We currently use a Replix Fax Server with a 2 line Brooktrout board however with our impending upgrade to 2005 we are switching to a hosted server client environment (Windows Term Server 2003).  The problem is that the client software for Replix won't install on our Terminal Server so we are looking for an alternate solution, a solution that has the ability to integrate with Business One would be preferable. 

      Our implementer is telling us that Symantec WinFax Pro is the only solution that works with SAP Business One however we have had problem in the past with WinFax Pro. We do a lot of faxing, on avg of 250 faxes a day (in a 10 hour period) and if we started faxing invoices that # would increase to about 350 to 400 per day. Our current solution would be able to handle that however I have major doubts as to the ability of WinFax Pro to handle this volume. Any suggestions or comments would be very much appreciated.


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          Jim Gillespie

          I was trying to find a new version of Winfax pro and found that Symantec does not even have it on their website anymore.  Does anyone know if it has been obsoleted? Sold?

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            Daniel Behrendt

            To my knowledge 10.2 is the latest version and it has been out for what, the last 5 years at least...  That product is also very unstable in my opinion when you have over 15 faxes an hour.  We switched from WinFax Pro to Replix because of the stability problems with the amount that we fax.

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              Andee DiCola

              We implemented SAP Bus One in March 2005. We used WinFaxPro for the prior system with no problem. However, when we tried to use with SAP the faxes were unreadable because the are in jpeg format. My company has not been able to fax from their system since SAP implementation. The older system worked fine with WINFAXPRO.  I have heard that Crystal Wave is another option to WINFAXPRO but also uses an email service provider like efax or MyFax which is I am sure incurs additional costs that were not expected from this small company. It was pretty embarassing to recommend this product and the basic function of faxing would not work.

              If anyone has any good solutions, I would be very interested in as well.

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                Matt Roberts

                I have to double-check on this, but I believe WinFax Pro does work - but ONLY if you have a modem installed in the computer from which it is sending faxes. Sending it via the internet and their fax service or whatever doesn't work.

                We also had a fax machine from Lanier that had Windows print drivers, and that wouldn't work with SAP either, for all the same reasons.

                But we are successfully using WinFax Pro - but I believe we had to set up a modem connected to an actual phone line with one computer. If I check on it and find out differently, I'll post again.