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    Updating Price Catalogs

    michael hager

      I have an Inventory data with over 18,000 line items, each one having anywhere from 1 to 7 different part numbers. (These are military parts) 

      I have 3 BP price catalogs that contain all of these part numbers times approximately 3,500 customers.

      Currently, when I add a new part I have to add the part in Inventory Master Data, all of the standard info, plus 6 UDFs for the alternate part numbers, then open each catalog in turn and add the part plus all the alternates.

      If I have 5 new numbers, that involves 4 separate manual entries times 7 numbers, which provides 28 separate opportunities for the warehouse guys to make a mistake.

      Does anyone know of a way to automate the catalog entries from a single Item Master Data entry?

      Or, do you know anyone who can write custom code for this automation?

      Michael Hager

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          Idit Frydman Saguey

          I am not sure I completely understand what you are trying to achieve...
          I don't know if you are aware that you have a utility in the application that allows copying catalog numbers from one BP to others. So basically when you add a new part number to the system, you will define all the information, and the alternative number, then you can copy the catalog numbers to the rest of the BP.
          You can find this screen on the Inventory>item management
          Hope this helps a bit

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            michael hager

            Yes, I’m aware of the copy to BP feature, that’s not the problem…

            We have 3 basic catalog files. One contains all our part numbers, the other two contain part numbers for military customers and one for civilian customers. So, when we add a new part, we have to enter it and all its relative information into the item master data, 1 to 6 times in each relevant catalog, then run the copy to BP utility which takes 30 minute to an hour to run and in the meantime, somebody has had to hand key the new part into the system anywhere from 4 times to 19 times because of all the alternate part numbers.

            What I want is an automated way to take the information entered into item master data once, and copy it into the relevant catalogs… an “Add to catalogs” button, and then run the copy to BP function.

            We are using the catalogs because it seems to be the only way to handle our multiple part numbers.

            I can’t tell you how much I hate this function…

            Michael Hager
            KASCAR, LLC