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    what is a good source for learning sql?

      does anyone have a recommendation for an e-learning or cd course on sql. i've tried sql for dummies but am obviously dummer than most. only need the basics to use in formatted search &  queries

        • 1. what is a good source for learning sql?
          JIm Korby


          Buy the book "Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes" by Ben Forta. It consists of 21 10 minute lessons. You should be armed with enough knowledge after the first 12 chapters. I suggest using the query generator in Business One as opposed to the query wizard.

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          Jim Korby

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            Matt Roberts

            The documentation for the SQL Query Analyzer (run from the computer where SQL Server is run) is both thorough and helpful. Loads of query examples are included; it's very helpful for learning some of the aggregate functions (i.e. - SUM, COUNT, etc.) and their syntax so that you can use them in queries. The Query Generator / Wizard in SAP isn't completely "drag-and-drop," although they come close, so sometimes you have to correct the odd parentheses or quotation mark.

            The caveat I'd add to Jim's remark on the Wizard is that the Wizard does contain some of the features (i.e. - nested qualifiers with parentheses, or aggregate functions) that the Generator does not. But I prefer the Generator, myself -- when I don't just use the query analyzer so that I can get a) a useful help file to understand how to make it do what I want, and b) error messages that are actually meaningful (SAP's "Error - 1080" or whatever it is doesn't describe what's wrong with your query at all).

            You will probably need an intro book or something to get the basic terminology down so that you can search Query Analyzer's massive help file, as has already been mentioned.

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              Matt Roberts


              Last week I took a class on Transact-SQL with the ONLC training centers (http://www.onlc.com/) - was referred there by Microsoft's site on SQL. The class I took was the basic one on SQL (Querying MS SQL Server 2000 w/TSQL - 2071)

              The class was extremely excellent and was offered locally. I knew a fair amount of SQL already, and they improved on that knowledge even further. Lots of really cool query functions that will help us a lot - especially with the extremely complex square-inch analysis query that we have made and are in the process of improving (i.e. - UNION, COMPUTE BY, etc.).

              I would try to learn at least a little bit of SQL before going, however - even with my level of knowledge, at the end of the second day I had felt like I had mentally been drinking out of a fire hose. They cram a lot into their two-day course. But it was well worth the cost and the time spent - took away lots of things that are going to help us get great data out of SBO. They also give you a good book to which one can work through later at one's own pace.