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    CMIR...need or not???

    Linda Florey

      I am on a team that is developing the Industrial/Automotive 4.6C package in R3, and we are currently in the design phase.
      We are debating whether we need a CMIR. Our main issue is the maintenance involved, as we have around 85 customers and implement about 75 new part numbers on a weekly basis.
      We have some questions, whose answers would help us come to a decision! Any help is greatly appreciated.
      1. What are the pro's and con's of doing away with the CMIR?
      2. Is there anuy way to auto populate the CMIR at Sales Order creation, similiar to how the PIR is done at PO creation?
      3. Is there any way to establish part tolerances (for shipping) with the Material master by Distribution Channel?
      4.We understand that minimum order quantities and sales unit can be set at the Material Master level, and if the tolerances for shipping can also be set in the Material Master, is there a way for these to be established (differently) for each distribution channel (we have 3)?

      Thanks in advance for any help - DJ Schindler   Functional Analyst - Dynacraft a Division of PACCAR