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    SB1 SP01 PL04 WITH SQL 2005

    Eli Grovas

      I just did clean installtion on windows 2003 server sp1 with sql 2005 and i restored my database from my old sql 2000
      every thing is working good on the server (including the client in type 4=sql 2005 ) but when i am going to install the clients i am having a problem to finish the setup i am getting error that the setup can't find the sql 2005 server i did odbc driver and i tested the odbc i have link to my sql
      the only workaround that i found is to change the type to type1 in the params.ini file in the B1 shared folder\client setup (type 1= sql 2000 type 4=sql 2005)
      does anyone know if it's ok to work with sql 2005 on type 1 ?
      just to update i did port monitor on type 1 mode the setup going to the sql server with port 1433 (the default port for sql 2000/2005)
      but with type 4 it's not doing any try to communicate with my sql 2005 server

      Eli Grovas

      Sanit Corp.