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    Business One versus SAP - how to decide?

      My company has a business unit spinning off on it's own and they are trying to decide if they should use Business One or a small version of SAP (they will be moigrating off of a customized mainframe application).  Are there any comparisions or templates available to help a business decide which is the best path for them to pursue?

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          Gregory Utley

          One of our team members was part of an integration team for a company who implemented SAP a few years ago, and then came to work here and has been part of our team (we are a mid-size business) which began implementing Business One in early 2005.  He prefers SAP over Business One because Business One still has programming and development issues they are still trying to solve.  How soon do you need to decide?

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            Thank you for responding.  It will be a few months before they decide. 
            One of my business units is currently implementing Business One now in our Mexico City Office.  They are a subsidiary of the larger business that is spining off.  They are convinced that Business One could run the whole new business and that there is a easy migration path to SAP if this spinoff grows, but they are basing this on the "sales pitch" for Business One", which sounds too good to be true.  I really don't think there is a good migration to SAP as they are completely different applications.

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              Idit Frydman Saguey

              Hello Gary
              these days SAP is releasing a new tool called B1I (Business One Integration) which is dedicated for integrating Business One with SAP R3.
              the tools comes with a few built in integration scenarios, which you just need to activate (such as Master data) and allows you to develop your own integratio scenarios
              we already have a few customers that are using the tools (it was in ramp up in the last 4 months)
              If you are doing the research, this is definatly something to consider.
              good luck with any choice you make!