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    Andee DiCola

      Does anyone have a method of handling consignment from a vendor? I see customer consignation in the system but nothing if you have inventory on consignment from a vendor?

          Idit Frydman Saguey

          Hi Andee,
          You would use a separate WH in this case. when you receive the goods, use this WH, and when you sell it, do a transfer to your main WH, and then the invoice to the customer will be from the main WH.
          at any time you can get a report about quantity levels in the consignment WH, so you can match it with the vendor's invoice.

            Ramon Alonso

            Hi Idit
            We are going to start operations of Sale in consignment. Where can I find information? Could you help me pls?

            Regards. Ramon Alonso

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              Idit Frydman Saguey

              Hi Ramon,
              The vendor and customer consignment workaround is really the same one.
              Use an extra WH for the consignment, when you receive the goods from your vendor, use this WH. when you sell, do a transfer to your main WH and then a delivery from this WH.
              Some customers create a separate WH for each vendor, but it's depending on how many you have.
              If it's a few... then you can create a WH per vendor. If it's more, many WH may influence the system performances.

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                Ramon Alonso

                Thanks Idit
                1 - Can you tell me what GL accounts are normally used for Vendor Consignments?
                2 - We get from the vendor always a 6% of the selling price. The cost of sales is not going to be moving avg but 94% of the extended price of each invoice. How can be this done?

                Regards. Ramon