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    recurring postings

      we can use a bp code as part of the setupinstead of a g/l account how do we make the posting create a payable document in a/p when we exexcute the recurring posting?

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          Idit Frydman Saguey

          Matt, you question is not clear to me... do you mean that you wish to record a recurring A/P invoice? if so, Business one doesnt have this functionality.
          or do you mean to post it as a JE
          thanks idit

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            i want to create an accounts payable check to pay the vendor.

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              Andee DiCola

              I believe that the only way that SAP Business One handles this is through the Recurring Postings in the Financial section. Instead of the GL account press CTRL and Tab to select the vendor and put in the credit to the AP Vendor and the debit to your expense. Then set up the date you want to kick off this posting. It actually creates a posting to the Vendors Account just like a payable invoice but is coded as a JE type. You will be able to select this for payment when you create your outgoing payments. The only thing is the date that is scheduled for the recurring posting you have manually trigger it through the recurring payments screen.

              I think this is accomplishing the same thing that you want, but it is just not listed in the Vendor's Account as a AP Invoice. It is listed as a JE. Maybe something that you can "influence" SAP to change in the future releases. Put a message in the S Portal.

              Andee DiCola

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                i can get the je's to process as outgoing payments but not as a checks for payment. what am i doing wrong?

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                  Andee DiCola

                  I am not sure how you are processing the checks. We are not set up for payment wizard. When I tested in my test company after created the outgoing payment I went to Banking -Document Printing - Chose Checks for Payment - Only Documents to be printed. This showed me my vendor and the Outgoing Payment for my recurring JE.

                  If you use payment wizard, I am not sure if you do not create the outgoing payment if it shows to select and you can pay that way. I would try that to see if it shows to select before creating an outgoing payment.

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                    this will work.
                    i'll keep trying to make the wizard work, just because it will make selection easier.