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    Document numbering, change Next Number?

    Brett Hamel

      Hello, we've just gone live with SBO and didn't set document numbering where we need it to be before we created a few documents.

      We need to change the "next number" on most of our documents to be far higher than the current value, but SBO won't let me change the numbers. I tried changing them in the NNM1 table, but SBO refuses to create documents (AR Invoices) with the new next number, saying our numbering table is corrupt. It works again when I set the old (too low) number in NNM1 again.

      Is there any way for us to pick a new, higher, Next Number?


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          Andee DiCola

          Did you try changing it in the Main Menu/administration/system initialization/Document Numbering ?

          We changed ours through that method.

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            Brett Hamel

            Yes, we did. Unfortunately, it does not allow us to change the Next Number for most document types.

            It allows us to change, for example: A/P Invoice, A/P Credit Memo, Goods Receipt PO, Goods Return, and Landed Costs.

            It DOES NOT allow us to change any other document "Next No." values. For exampe: A/R Invoices, A/R Credit Memos, Deliveries, Returns, or Sales Orders. Clicking in the Next No. field for these rows just does nothing. It's as if the click isn't registered. No error, no message -- we just can't go there.

            I am assuming it's because we already have transactions in A/R Invoices (accidentially) so we are no longer allowed to change the numbering. But we kind of HAVE TO change the numbering so we don't re-use numbers used in our previous accounting system. Currently we are using Manual numbering for every single document. Obviously this is a very poor solution and is already causing us trouble, our first week using SBO.

            Thanks for your suggestion though.

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              Andee DiCola

              Actually our consultants made the change, but I went into the screen and palyed with it. You must highlight the line and right click - then row details you will create a second series of numbers. You need to end the first series with the last transaction created. Then create the next one with the new number range.

              I think this will work for you. Once you get the row details up press on the ? help button and it gives you the steps.


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                Brett Hamel

                Thank you very much Andee! Your solution works beautifully for our problem.

                I ran into a small speed-bump when I tried adding the new series and setting it default for all users at the same time. It works a lot better if I first create the new series, UPDATE that window, click okay, UPDATE the Document Numbering window (two updates), and then go back into the series and set the new one default.

                By then "locking" the Primary (unusable for us) series, it also disappears from the list of available number series options in each document. Exactly the solution I need.

                Thanks again Andee, you're a life-saver!

                -Lance (for Brett)

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                  Andee DiCola

                  Glad I could help!!