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    Consolidated Financial Statements

    Karen Schultz

      We have multiple SAP B1 databases and need to produce monthly consolidated financial statements.  How can we do this?

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          Idit Frydman Saguey

          Hi Karen,
          you have several ways to aproach this.
          1. if the different databases have the same COA structure, and the same local currency, you can create one master database that contain all the GL accounts and BP's from all the companies. then you can use the Export and Import to SAP Business one utility located under the Admininstration>import/export. this will export Journal Entries from the different companies, and then import the file to the master database.
          we recomend to export by JE number, and keep track of what was exported, since the system do not validate if the JE was exported before.

          2. you can explore the option purchase the XL reporter stand alone version that contain a consolidation module, thru a company called Ilytix in CA.

          3. to automate the proccess more we have several solution partners that do consolidation for Business one. i suggest you contact your partner to get a recomendation from them

          regards idit