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    dtw 2005 help

      we have changed from sybase 2004 to sql 2005 and the dtw that was working under 2004 now doesn't. is there anywhere to get a list of the 2005 dtw templates and what is expected in each field. this was available under 2004 and was helpful even though very weak.


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          Idit Frydman Saguey

          Hi Matt,
          First make sure you install the 2005 DTW as well. it comes with templates and sample data.
          Also the help files were modified, and now to get the database structure you need to install the SDK help files, from the SDK folder.
          Once you do that you can find under the help center the data base structure on the Database Tables Reference 2005.
          On the DI API>DI API Reference>Overview>Enumerations you can find the different valid values to use in the data files. For example if you import a customer, instead of using 0, you use cCustomer.