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    building a form from a UDO

    Sharon Chuang

      I tried to use UDO to design a custom form, but it looks different from the other document in B1. Is it possible to add form thought UDO with the find, add and edit function? And how to link business logic implementation?Can anyone show me how to use UDO? Thanks in advance.

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          Idit Frydman Saguey

          hi Sharon,
          the UDO as is, will show up as a table with the option to drill down to the row level.
          the original purpose of the UDO is save coding time when you use the SDK to build new forms, so in order to actualy see a form, you still need to combine SDK coding to this project.
          we have customers that uses UDO as it is out of the box as well, it depending on what you are trying to achieve. you can link the business logic using formatted searches linked to each field
          see the attached PPT for more info on User Defined Elements.
          regards, idit

          • 2. building a form from a UDO
            Sharon Chuang

            Dear Idit,

            Thank you for the information.I tried to indicate UDO with Find and Close Service, but when I closed the document, anybody still can change the document.Is there any way we can prevent someone to edit the closed
            records and to have function to find the existed records like we operate any document in Find Mode without using SDK? Thank you very much.