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    can't hide the item cost through authorizations

    Sharon Chuang

      Dear All,

      I am looking for a way to hide item cost under warehouse level for users. Here is the answer I got from SAP.
      ***<BR>Unfortunately there is no setting to hide 'Cost Price' field on Stock Data -tab. <BR>But there is a possibility to use SDK to modify this specific form to hide 'Cost Price' field. But of course this change will affect to every user. <BR>You can also post the Development Request to include this new feature in one of the next major release. To do so, please, fillout the attached template. <BR></sub>******
      It's too upset to get this kind of answer from SAP. My company paid a lot of money for SAP, but they don't want to fix the big bug.I believe "COST" is the most important issue for the security. Has anyone else got this very scary behaviour?

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          Dave Starman

          I agree. This is only one of many quirks that are in SBO. It has taken over 2 months for SAP to fix the bug that causes COGS to calculate incorrectly through the SDK, and to date there is no fix. I wonder how many businesses are under reporting their gross profit due to this bug.

          We paid big money for this system and can't even use it until some of these major bugs are resolved. Until then we must pay our install partner large amounts of money, not to mention project delays and internal costs, to troubleshoot and confirm SAP's bugs!

          My biggest issues have been in security, SDK compatibility, and cumbersome approaches to simple tasks. It seems that every time we resolve (or likely work around) an issue then another pops up! During the course of this implementation we have not encountered bumps, but rather brick walls.


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            michael hager

            Our implementation began in January of this year and is still not complete due to the inability of our SAP “partner” to properly import our existing data records.  And their “work around” for adding inventory parts with multiple part numbers is a 1-1/2 hour process that can only be attempted in the evenings when nobody is on the system…

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              Idit Frydman Saguey

              to all,
              as an SAP employee I am sorry to hear that you are not happy with the Business One project.
              We do try our best in supporting you and the partners by adding more resources and educate our support representatives.
              Those of your that believe that your partners do not provide you with the best service, allow me to forward your information to our customer satisfaction department in the US, and they will be able to contact you and your partner, and try to resolve the issues.

              To Sharon's question - do you handle the cost in the WH level or in the item header level?
              If it's on the WH level, you can hide the item cost column for these users and then prevent authorization to the Edit Table Format option, on the General menu
              Regards, idit

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                Anita Anello

                Hi all,
                I head up the Customer Satisfaction program for SAP and specifically for Business One. There are usually several options to find solutions to the items you are discussing. As you can see by the message posted from Idit you are welcome to engage with our local consulting staff. We have a well versed staff that is very knowledgable in both the product and business consulting. You can contact our group by engaging with your partner. Or, if you are experiencing other challanges with your partner, you can contact me directly at a.williams@sap.com.
                Kind regards,
                Anita Williams

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                  Michael Shen

                  There is way to hide the item cost!
                  Here is how we handle this issue.

                  Step one: On every document form(SO, PO, Invoice, Credit Memo..etc), go to "Form Settings", and inactivate the field Cost from the table.

                  Step Two: Go to the Administrator>System Initialization>Authoriaztions-->Gerneral Authoriaztion and then disable the rights to edit the document form settings.

                  That's it. Now, the item cost is hided, and they can not change the form setting to enable it!!

                  So basically, you have to do it one client at a time. I heard there is stored procedure to copy the form setting to every account...

                  Michael Shen

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                    Sharon Chuang

                    Hi All,
                    Thank you for your input. We use “Form Settings” to access “Edit Document table” make price change easily because we need to overwrite the price for particular sales order. If I block “Form Settings” and open “Edit Document Table”, nobody can touch the window to change the price list. That’s the part bothers me. If I keep the setting, then anybody get the chance to touch “Form Setting” in item master data. That’s the part we could not hide item cost. I don’t know the way SAP design the system, here is the problem. In the marketing document, through above setting, users could not touch “Form Setting” except master data like item master and I am not sure it is the way SAP want to provide or it is a bug.

                    We do know there is no perfect system in the world and I am glad to pick SAP business one. We go live on 8/1/06 with 2005 sp1 and transferred two-year data successfully into SAP. Everyone enjoys the new system expect two major things.
                    1.Speed with huge sales order. If the line item over 100, then the speed becomes very slow.
                    2.Approval Procedure. I have to say we have a good consultant to help us the implementation, but it looks no body fully understand the approval procedure. We can’t make any change for the rejected invoices and we could not delete the draft invoices to prevent somebody to approve it again.
                    As the end user, my question is how to get the newest update information through SAP not only based on one consultant’s knowledge to use this good system.
                    How to get the quick response from SAP? Where to get the menu to set up Authorization? There are too many things to learn for business one and I would like to know the whole information.
                    Anyway, thank you for your input.

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                      Idit Frydman Saguey

                      Hi Sharon,
                      Regarding the speed issues, this is something we are aware of, and is being addressed currently. Still I recommend you review your hardware infrastructure, since most performances issues are a result of network, or memory issues.

                      Regarding the approval procedure, in the upcoming version (beginning of 2007) this issue will be addressed, and it will be possible to update rejected documents. as for the deletion of the draft, it will not be deleted automatically, but you can go in to the draft screen and delete closed drafts from there.

                      Generally, to be more up to date, you can use the SAP customer portal. You will need to get an S number and password from your partner. the portal contains training material, tips and trick, note search and more, and it should be very helpful for you
                      regards, idit