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    SBO 2005

    Rick Zenobi

      We are U.S Manufacturer using SBO live since January 2005. Upgraded from 2004 version to 2005 version in December 2005. Currently using A/P, Inventory, BOM's, Production, G/L. We have custom Sales Programs through Add-On's that Post Sales & COGS to Ledger. Looking for SBO users to share info.

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          Jody Green


          We implemented 2004 in Jn. 2006 and are interested in upgrading to 2005 soon. We have not been able to find a good summary of the changes and issues involved. I would love to hear how smooth the upgrade went and what main advantages you have found.


          Jody Green

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            James McCord


            We too implemented 2004 in August of 2005 and I am waiting for any feedback before I take the step to upgrade to 2005.
            I am currently attempting to close out 2005 and I am stuck after doing the period end close. In January the Retained earning on the balance sheet is correct but my P&L still has the 2005 data included in the balances.
            If I look at the account details I can see the entry that should take the prior year amouny out but the printed P&l still contains the old data.
            Any Help?


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              Jody Green

              We only implemented B1 this year and have just had our first monthend let alone a year end closing.  We are trying to see if version 2005 will fix some of the problems we have encountered in version 2004.  The biggest problem we have is lack of documentation and answers to sometimes simple questions on how things work.  We have discovered several bugs of which only a few are critical but hope to find users willing to exchange solutions.  We are a computer system builder and regional distributor of IT products and require our operation to be as rock solid as possible but have found problem areas that our integrator is not prepared to explain nor solve.  You have been at things longer and maybe can give us a few pointers.  We learn fast and might be able to help you but year end closing would probably not be one of those.

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                Idit Frydman Saguey

                Hi Jim,
                when you run the P&L in the selection criteria there is a check box for Adding Closing Balances to the report.
                if you want to include the year end transactions, then check this box.
                regarding the upgrade to 2005, please email me to idit.frydman.saguey@sap.com and i can send you the release notes of the version that describes the new features.
                of course after an upgrade, you will need some adjustments and if you want to use the new features, you need to configure them, but over all i highly recomend the upgrade, since many issues were solved there, such as check printing and inventory valuation.
                regards, idit

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                  We started our implemenation of Business One in May 2005 Accounts Payable went well expect for some problems with check printing.  General Ledger has been O.K. except we need to do more with the Report Writer to be able to customized reports.  Our biggest issue to date has been Accounts Receivable as our sales function is done in a specialized program which is imported into A/R.  We have most of A/R working except for Statements and Parent/Child customers.  We want the option to print statements for both the Parent or Child customer; do you have a solution?  I believe some of our other statement problems will go away once we begin invoicing in B1.  Our next step is to bring Sales on B1 then Purchase Order, and finally MRP.

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                    Gregory Utley

                    To: Diane Chapman, Jacob's Farm

                    We too went live May 2005, utilizing all the modules and doing all of our invoicing, and are still experiencing problems in the same areas as you. We have not gotten much out of Excel Reporter, so our Partner has (at our expense) designed reports in Sequel for us. Those are very nice. It is frustrating because some of these reports should have been included with the software, such as a Statement, a detailed AR report (meaning that under each Customer it details all open items on their account), and a detailed AP report. The other REALLY frustrating part is that we have been live for 11 months, and we still don't have those because our Partner says there is a problem in SAP and they have to fix it. The problem is that the report total doesn't match the GL AR/AP balance...
                    We have the Parent/Child relationship with our BP's too and need those Statements to pull the correct info and total.