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    Accessing B1 from outside the domain...

    Sundar Srinivasan

      We have Business One 2004A installed. We cant seem to access the system outside our network domain. Is this the way the product is or is there a work around for this?

      Sundar Srinivasan
      Director, SAP University Competency Center
      University of Missouri-Rolla

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          Peter Fang


          We have the same issue. We tried using a VPN connection and still couldn't get it to work. I was suggested to use Citrix as a solution, but I haven't implemented that yet so I am not sure if that will work either.


          Peter Fang

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            Kathleen Johnson

            We use Citrix for all of our access (both inside and outside the domain). This allows us to control the clients and the updates with much greater ease.

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              Carly Goldstein

              Good morning,

              My company uses Citrix for remote users with much success, though it has taken some trial and error to optimize. We also had to re-examine and modify all of the remote login settings when we upgraded to 2005, but it is now working great.

              Good luck,


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                Sundar Srinivasan

                Thanks for the replies. Can anyone provide a brief cost estimate to use Citrix? I was reading an online article and they were suggesting to use a product from http://www.tarantella.com/. They are a division of Sun Microsystems and this is supposedly used by NSA.


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                  Carly Goldstein

                  Hi Sundar,

                  Citrix license costs are based on how many users and how much operability you need (SBO, MS Office, etc.). I've heard that Tarantella is a cool product, but what you choose is really dependent upon what kind of environment you have. I would check with your integrator, since they have familiarity with your environment, to see what they have experience in implementing. As I mentioned in my last post, we run Citrix and it has worked out extremely well.

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                    Sundar Srinivasan

                    Thanks. My environment is a little different from most others. I am with the Univ of MO - Roll and we are memebrs of the SAP University Alliance program. We use SAP software to enhance learning process. We also host a variety of SAP products for the educational needs of about 17 other universities in the US. We had installed Business One 4 months ago to study its feasibility in the educational environment and how it can be used in entrepreneurship based courses at the universities. So, we dont have an integrator etc.
                    I guess I need to talk to someone from Citrix or Tarantella and find out whats the best for my environment.

                    Thanks again

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                      Carly Goldstein

                      My company is an IT services company, and we've been running it now, both internal and remotely, for about 18 months. In my experience, both with ourselves and with enterprise customers, 12-18 months is typical for getting any kind of integrated solution set up and running as you wish it to run. If you've only been up for 4 months, then there's definitely some more optimization that most likely needs to take place. I wonder if, as part of your program, there is anything that SAP corporate has to offer you in terms of advice or services...?
                      Best of luck!

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                        James McCord

                        I have used both SAP R/3 and Business One 2004 and have been successful in accessing the data using a Cisco VPN. When we used R/3 I was able to use the VPN to link to the software which was located on the servers of our parent company located in Japan. We now have our own server with Business One which I can access using my laptop at home with a wireless connection through a Netgear router and a cable modem. With R/3 I could not use the wireless connection and had to use a hardwired Ethernet port on the router which may have been a restriction set up by the VPN script to login to the server in Japan. I am not a network person so perhaps more explanation is required as to what you mean by "outside your domain". When I make the VPN connection it puts me inside the domain and from there I can access all shared files on our servers. It should be possible and I did not find it difficult.

                        Hope this helps.

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                          Sundar Srinivasan

                          Have any of you thought about using something like this (port forwarder) - http://www.networkactiv.com/AUTAPF.html. If it works, it will help save some $$ that we have to spend on Citrix. I am going to try this next week. I will keep update you on the progress.


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                            Daniel Behrendt

                            Have you thought about a Windows Terminal Server?  Fairly inexpensive depending on how many people you want to have simultaneous access.  Easy to set up and client side for windows XP clients you already have the software (with XP Pro).  If you are using a non-windows envirnoment (which I am not even sure you can with B1) then this may not be an option.