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    Item available quantity

    Sharon Chuang

      Is it possible in an Item master to see item available quantity as In Stock - Committed?
      We import merchandize from overseas, so it takes 2 or 3 month. We don't want to include Ordered into Available.

      Any help would be appreciated.


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          Idit Frydman Saguey

          Hi Sharon,
          Create a User Field on the Items - WH object
          go to tools>user defined fields>manage user fields
          expand master data and items. highlight items-WH and click add.
          give the field a name and define it as Units and Totals>quantity.

          copy this query and save it
          SELECT T0.OnHand-T0.IsCommited FROM OITW T0 WHERE T0.ItemCode =$[http://OITM.ItemCode|http://OITM.ItemCode] and T0.WhsCode =$[http://OITW.WhsCode|http://OITW.WhsCode]

          link the query as formatted search to the field in the items screen, on the inventory data tab.
          Press AltShiftF on the field>search by saved query. double click and select the query.
          check the auto refresh, and choose When Field Changes. and then choose item no. from the drop down list. check the refresh regularly option.

          when you will open a certain item, the query will be refreshed and you can see it the available qty.
          note that the window will change to Update mode, since the calculation will run every time you open the item.

          this solution will show you the available qty in the WH level, if you want to see it in the item level let me know.
          regards, Idit

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            Sharon Chuang

            Hi Idit,
            Thank you for the answer. I tried it, but the screen keeps blinking for few seconds when I opened a certain item. Do you have any suggestion?
            Can we get the total available quanity at the bottom for all the warehouse or get available quantity in the item level.

            When we enter item in a Sales Order, we can see the in stock and committed per item. Is it possible to see these by defualt warehouse or exclude the certain warehouse(we named on water warehouse)?

            Thank you very much.


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              Idit Frydman Saguey

              Hi Sharon,
              you can add a User Field in the Items Header, and link this query:

              SELECT T0.OnHand-T0.IsCommited FROM OITM T0 WHERE T0.ItemCode =$[http://OITM.ItemCode|http://OITM.ItemCode]

              as for the second question, if you add the WH column to the sales order, you can CTRL Tab from that field, and get a WH balance report.
              Also we can add a field to the order rows, and have a Formattes Search query to automatically show the available QTY for that item for the selected WH.
              you can use this query to link to the field on the sales order

              SELECT T0.OnHand- T0.IsCommited FROM OITW T0 WHERE T0.ItemCode =$[http://RDR1.Itemcode|http://RDR1.Itemcode] and T0.WhsCode =$[http://RDR1.WhsCode|http://RDR1.WhsCode]

              hope this helps
              regards, idit