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    Andee DiCola

      I am looking for an inventory report that ties to the General Ledger Inventory Account. I ran the Inventory Valuation Report and that does not. Also, noticed that we chose to pick the valuation method by item.. some are standard and  some FIFO. This report only allows choosing one of the methods.

      Any help would be appreciated.


          Rick Zenobi

          Nice to find somebody looking for same reports. To be resolved in Service Pack 1. E-Mail me at rzenobi@pierres.com or contact me directly at 216.431.7979 x-136 for the complete story.
          Rick Zenobi
          Controller, Pierres French Ice Cream Company

            Idit Frydman Saguey

            Hi Andee,
            I assume you are using the 2004 version, which only have the inventory valuation report.
            In the 2005 version there is a new report called Inventory Audit report, that reads the data directly from the database, and do not recalculate the values. it will be based on the individual costing method of the items.

            in the SP1 of 2005 (due to be released in a few months) additional improvements were done to the inventory value calculation, especially if you use landed costs and negative inventory.

            If you are under maintenance you are entitled to receive the 2005 SP0 upgrade from your partner.

            Regards, idit

              Lisa Katulis

              The inventory valuation report is to be used for evaluating the impact of inventory re-evaluations.  Because of its name, it is very tempting for Controllers and CFO's to look at this and say "why doesn't it match the inventory value of the G/L?".   The lack of this report can also cause issues if you are audited and someone asks you to prove your valuation or to prove COGS.

              As mentioned already, they have addressed the need for this report in 2005. However, if you are not yet using 2005 you probably need an immediate solution.

              There are no built-in reports in 2004 that will give you the number that ties to the G/L. In later builds of 2004(I know they are in EF36) SAP added five reports to the Tools/Queries/System Queries menu that while not giving you the final number that everyone likes (and reasonably expects) to see, are intended to help you audit inventory valuation in the G/L.

              They are as follows:

              Inventory Audit Report - Manual Journal Entries
              Inventory Audit Report - Stock Accounts
              Inventory Audit Report - Summerized by Account
              Inventory Audit Report - Summerized by Item and Account
              Inventory Audit Report - Unsummerized

              I hope this helps.



              P.S. If you are looking to prove COGS postings in a time period before you upgrade to 2005, this report might help a little.

              SELECT T0.Warehouse as 'W/H', T0.TransType as 'Trans Type', T0.DocDate, T0.TransNum as 'JE #', T0.CardCode as 'BP Card', T0.CardName as 'Customer', T1.FrgnName as 'Style', T0.ItemCode,
              T0.JrnlMemo, T0.Price, T0.InQty, T0.OutQty, T0.CalcPrice, T0.InQty * T0.CalcPrice as 'In Value', T0.OutQty * T0.CalcPrice as 'Out Value'
              FROM OINM T0 INNER JOIN
              OITM T1 ON T0.ItemCode = T1.ItemCode
              WHERE (T0.DocDate >= '[%0]') AND (T0.DocDate <= '[%1]') and T0.TransType <> '59' and T0.TransType <> '18' and T0.TransType <> '60' and T0.TransType <> '20'
              FOR BROWSE

              Or this one to calculate the actual margin posted:

              SELECT DISTINCT
              T0.Warehouse AS WHS, T0.TransType as 'Type', T0.DocDate as 'Posting Date', T3.DocNum as 'Delivery #', T0.CardCode AS Customer, T0.CardName AS 'Customer Name',
              T2.ItmsGrpNam AS Brand, T1.FrgnName AS Style, T0.ItemCode AS Item, T0.OutQty AS Qty, T0.Price AS Price, T0.CalcPrice AS 'Calculated Cost',
              T0.OutQty * T0.Price AS 'Line Total', T0.OutQty * T0.CalcPrice AS 'Line Calc Cost', T0.OutQty * (T0.Price - T0.CalcPrice) AS 'Line Margin',
              (T0.Price - T0.CalcPrice) / T0.Price AS '% Margin'
              FROM OINM T0 INNER JOIN
              OITM T1 ON T0.ItemCode = T1.ItemCode INNER JOIN
              OITB T2 ON T1.ItmsGrpCod = T2.ItmsGrpCod INNER JOIN
              ODLN T3 ON T0.BASE_REF = T3.DocNum
              WHERE (T0.DocDate >= '[%0]') AND (T0.DocDate <= '[%1]') AND (T2.ItmsGrpNam <> 'Items') AND (T0.Price <> 0) AND (T0.TransType = 13 OR
              T0.TransType = 15)
              FOR BROWSE

              I offer no warranty on the actual accuracy of either of these reports.  They may need tweaking.