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    material master numbering scheme

      I would appreciate any advice on the best practice solution for material master numbering in SAP. Should we use system generated SAP numbers, GTIN number, manually create number or a combination of something else? We need to report products globally as well.

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          Idit Frydman Saguey

          Hi Maxine
          It’s hard to say... I have different customers using different numbering conventions.
          If you do not have a legacy system you need to follow, or any specific logic, i would just use a successive number.
          Just note that the item code field is alpha numeric, so when it comes to sorting the list, you might want to start with some thing like 10000 instead of 1.

          If other customers in this forum have some recommendations that will be greatly appreciated.
          Regards, idit

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            Lisa Katulis

            When changing to a new system it is not a bad idea to review your old numbering scheme to see if it still makes sense and it if will really work well in Business One. We did a review and decided to walk away from our old system as it was really no longer relevant and would infact make things much more complicated than necassary.

            If you are not absolutely tied to your old numbering scheme and decide to start fresh, it is a good idea to create a user-defined field and import the old item number from your legacy system into this field. Users will then be able to look up an item based on the old number until they get used to the new numbering system.

            This also works for BP card numbering.

            A side suggestion is that if you do this, you might think about then importing all your old legacy data into a separate sql database. You could then easily use SQL Reporting Services or Crystal Reports to create and run reports that draw data from both your legacy data (if you don't want to import it all) and Business One. The old account numbers and item numbers will act as a 'key' and make creating reports a breeze.