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    DTW - updating BP contacts

    Patti Bennion

      We have not been able to update existing contact records on a BP using the DTW.  We're wondering if others have had problems and what some of the pitfalls might be.  We are on version 2004a.   We've used the DTW for other objects just fine.  Wondering if it's a problem with the mapping of the contact number.  The default target field is LineNum, but there is no LineNum field in OCPR and LineNum is not a value listed in the drop down list.  The field name is actually CntctCode.  Any tips would be appreciated.  Thanks!  Patti

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          Idit Frydman Saguey

          Hello Patti,
          To update the contact person, first you need to use the Update option.
          The line number in the contact person file is mandatory, if you update existing contacts or adding contacts to existing BP's.
          The line number is not recorded in the database, but just being used for the import process to identify the order of the records.

          I am not sure what you mean by that it's not available in the drop down list... do you mean within the mapping stage in DTW?

          If you update existing contacts, you need to make sure the line number matches the order of the contacts as they appear in SBO, and always start with a 0.

          As for the header file, it can only contain the record key, line type and card code columns.

          Also see the example files that come with the DTW installation to use as guide lines.

          Regards, idit

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            Patti Bennion

            We have tried many combinations, including those you mentioned, but nothing works.  The sample DTW templates for updates show line numbers of 0 for all lines.  We tried that, as well as starting with 0 and incrementing by 1.  Both these scenarios render errors of -1004 for table OCPR.

            Without CntctCode included in the import, we don't understand how the correct record will be found and updated. You noted that the line number must match the order of the contacts as they appear in SBO. Does that mean that we must include ALL our records each time we want to update a group of them, even though some of them may not be changing? In other words, must we include contacts 1-199 if we only want to update 200-250?

            Thanks for the feedback.

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              Matt Roberts

              The experience we had with DTW (which was dreadful, btw) was that you needed to update all BP records at once in order to update any sub-tables of those BP records. The line number of the contacts needs to correspond to the line number of the bp header records (i.e., on OCRD). But then again, we have done everything in our power not to touch the DTW since implementation. The installation files and the "help" files that come with the DTW are spotty at best, and give little information about which fields should have which values in order to produce the desired results in SAP.

              There are lots of pieces of information that are simply unavailable in the drop-down menus for mapping during the DTW import process (for example: it's not possible to define some aspects of the Planning System under items). Another important pitfall of the BP is that it is impossible to import a billing and shipping address with the same name for the same BP (major error here)! The CRD1 table should make BP Code, Address Name, and whether it's a Billing or Shipping address as the three parts of the key that defines unique records on that table - but the DTW only takes into account the Code and Name. So if you have The Widget Store as the billing and The Widget Store later as the shipping, it will erase the billing and put the shipping there in its place. Very frustrating.

              Good luck dealing with the DTW - it is easily the shoddiest part of Business One.

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                Patti Bennion

                Follow-up note to anyone reading this thread looking for the final answer.  If you want to update contacts on an existing contact, the only BP information needed in the header file is the CardCode.  For the contact file you must either include all the contact records for the BP, or the appropriate number of blank records to essentially ‘skip’ the records.  The records must be in the same order as displayed, which is currently alpha, and not in sequential order based on CntctCode.  Leaving a field blank in a record will keep the existing value stored in the table.  For instance, to maintain information on the third and fifth record of five contract records, the contact file must have five rows.  The first two and the fourth can be blank if there is nothing to maintain.  But they must be included in the file as placeholders.  SBO doesn’t check or match records.  It merely updates in the order found in the update file.  So be very careful when preparing the file.

                If you want to insert new contact records for a BP, you must also include the appropriate number of leading rows. Continuing on with the same example, if you want to add 2 more contacts you must include five blank leading rows. The setting is still ‘update’ since you are really updating an existing BP even though the contacts are new. Line numbers are required since this is considered update mode

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                  Hi Patti,


                  Greetings. I have a query. Could you please help me out?

                  >> I want to upload more than 3 contact person detail under one BP code.

                  Fore example.

                  BP code is C001122 under this code contact person of the company is

                  Alin, Address: 5 /50 koings  road, mobile: 0000222

                  Ben, Address: 22 bexley  road, mobile: 0000333

                  Cris Address: 67 Riversby  road, mobile: 0000444

                  Is this possible under 1 BP code 3 person's contact detail update in DTW?


                  Thanks in Advance