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    Material Weight displayed (Metric vs US)

    Michael Gugluizza

      We are a global organization that has offices in both the US and Europe.  Throughout SAP there are various reports, documents, screens, etc. which display the Weight of a particular Material.  The problem that we are encountering is when we are dealing with Metric weights (i.e. Kilos) vs. US standard weights (i.e. pounds). 

      When we generate Sales Orders, Bills of Lading, Customs documentation, etc. they sometimes diaplay the Weights in pounds, somtimes in Kilos, depending on how the original Material Master record was set-up. This is primarily a problem in Europe, where paperwork for Customs must display Weights using the Metric system.

      Does anyone know of a way where you can configure SAP to automatically convert and dispaly the weight of a Product into the appropriate unit of measure based on a pre-determined set of parameters (i.e. by Supplying Plant, or Country of Origin, or Destination country of the Sales Order, etc.)? Or is there a standard setting within SAP that could be used to resolve this issue? Implementing a User Exit that would automatically do the conversion has been proposed as one approach, but that is not the most ideal solution if we can avoid it.

      Since most companies operate both in the US and other countries around the world (some that require using the Metric system, some that don't), I would imagine that other companies have encountered this same issue.

      Any input would be greatly appreciated.

        • 1. Material Weight displayed (Metric vs US)
          Idit Frydman Saguey

          Hello Michael
          When you set up weight UoM in SAP Business One (administration>definitions>inventory)
          You define the different UoM and their conversion Rate in MG.
          For example if you define Pound, it will be 453,592.400 MG.

          On the Administration>System Initialization>Display tab, you can determine the default weight UoM
          When you enter the measurements in the Item Master, it will be in the default weight UoM.
          Next when you create any marketing document, if you click the Volume and Weight calculation icon on the upper tool bar, you can view the weight and able to change the UoM, for example to KG.

          For printing purposes, you can either print that report, or you can add the fields to the document template.
          Note that the system records the weight and the UoM of the compamy default, therefore you would need to a calculation to get the result in KG for example.
          Let me know if that helps.
          Regards, Idit