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    Cash Discount for Customer

    Ram Yengisetty

      The eligible cash discount amount is not displayed for customer while posting the incoming payment thru f-28. Verified the payment terms and found correct, the amount received well within the due date for cash discount eligibility. Appreciate an immediate response. Thank you.

        • 1. Cash Discount for Customer
          Idit Frydman Saguey

          Hello Rama,
          Make sure the invoice you are looking at is linked the appropriate payment term (on the accounting tab of the invoice window)
          the system basically compare the system date to the invoice due date, and if the system date is earlier, the cash discount will be displayed.
          also note that until this is solved you can enter the discount percent and amount manually in the payment scrern.
          other than that, Support will have to look at the database, if it's not a configuration issue.
          Regards, idit