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    Answers to Q&A from Implementing Outlook Intergration for Business One Webcast

    Sean Barry

      Does this work with Outlook Webmail?
      No, Outlook Integration is an add-in application that only works with Outlook.

      Exchange 2000 compatible?
      Outlook Integration only cares about the client side version, currently we are supporting Office 2000, XP and 2003. We don't care about the exchange version

      Do we need to define our internal personall also?
      When using Outlook Integration features the Outlook user will need a login for SAP Business One. This is done through Administration > Definition > General > Define Users. When setting up the login in Business One the user will need to be assigned an Add-On User license. This can be done by going to Administration > License > License Administration and highlight the users name then select the check box for sap add-ons.

      Can we lock employee SAP settings so they cannot view others quotes
      No Document Level authorizations was not implemented as part of Outlook Integration.

      Also... Do the Additional folders add to the mailbox size in exchange?
      Each Quotation that is added or imported to the Quotation directory will add approximately 2-3 KBytes to the exchange server.

      Are settings set by company or employee?
      Employees handle their own synchronizations and what data they want to synchronize.

      Can we associate contacts from MS Exchange's Corporate Address Book (as opposed to local address book) with BPs in SAP?
      Not directly, you must select the name in address book first, and then manually add them to contacts.

      When we synchronize do we need bp code for each contact? Yes, records in Outlook need to have an association with a BP in SAP Business One.

      will the customizations from the b1 screens be available through outlook? No

      We have added several fields to our row detail, and normally use customer catalog numbers. do they work in outlook? No

      Will it work with SAP 2005? In order to use Outlook Integration with V2005 of SAP Business One you need to use the V2005 Add-on release.

      when we synchronize will an outlook contact be created for each bp. The first step when synchronizing is ensuring all Outlook Contacts are associated with a Business Partner in Business One. When you synchronize a contact record will be created in SAP Business One for that associated Business Partner.