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    How do I show stock in just 1 warehouse?

    Peter Koh Boon Leng

      We have been using B1 about 45 days now. We have 1 shipping warehouse, and 1 for returned items (plus some others). Anyway, our sales people have a bad habit of selling things that are not on the shelf, so I added the "In Stock" field to the sales order to show them what we actually can sell. Unfortunately, "In Stock" adds up everything in all the warehouses. Is there a way to only allow selling from 1 warehouse?

      I thought of using a udf in the item row, and then copying the correct quantity into it. The problem I have there is I don't know how to access the itemcode for that particular row.

      So, if anyone can give guidance on either of those, please do.

      Thanks for any response,