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    Supplier Diversity tracked in SAP???

    Erin Neyens

      I would be interested to learn if anyone is currently reporting and tracking their Diversity "spending" from SAP.  We have a requirement to report vendors that have qualifying certifications and the spending that we have with these vendors.  In order to do this correctly we need to track four fields for each qualifying vendor their:  gender, ethnic group, certificate number, and certificate expiration date.  There is currently only 2 fields available for these purposes on the vendor master.    I would like to hear if any other SAP customers have this requirement and if so, how they have met this need (within or outside of SAP).

      Thank you,

        • 1. Supplier Diversity tracked in SAP???
          Sean Barry

          To accommodate these requirements you can add User Defined Fields either to the Vendor master data, or if you need to track this in the Vendor’s employee level, you can add these fields to the master data row for contact persons.

          After the data is recorded, you can create a basic query using the OCRD and the OCPR tables (in case this is tracked in the employee level) to show all the qualified vendors.