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    The error message "Cannot connect to the database. Check if your server is working" when you try to run SAP Business One

    Anita Anello

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      Error, message, cannot connect, server, SAP Business One, license,

      SAP BusinessOne

      Reason and Prerequisites
      SQL not started, License Service is not started, License is corrupted.

      Work through the following steps using the Server workstation. Each time you complete a step, try to run SAP Business One. If you do not succeed, move on to the next step:

      1. Check if the License Service is installed. Go to "Start"->"Settings"->"Control Panel"->"Administrative Tools"->"Services"The License Service is installed under the name SAP Business One License Service. Check the column "Status" to find out if this service is started. In case it is disabled, close all open Services windows and try to start the service.
      2. Check if the SQL is started. If it is stopped, start it from "Start"-> "Programs"->"Microsoft SQL Server"->"Service Manager". Press "Start/Continue" button. Remark: Stopping the SQL causes the License Service to stop, therefore each time the SQL is started you must start the License Service as well.
      3. Press "Start"->"Settings"->"Control Panel"->"Administrative Tools"-> "Event Viewer". Click the "Application Log" icon. Double click the Type field in the last updated row displayed for "SBOLicMgr". Check the error message. Send the error message to the support team.
      4. Stop the SQL and Start it again. Start the License Service.
      5. Reboot SAP Business One server.
      6. The license is corrupted due to an upgrade process, which took place while the License Service was started.
      a) Stop the License Service.
      b) Run the "license query.sql", found in the Support Queries folder, from the Query Analyzer.
      c) Start the License Service.
      d) Run SAP Business One.