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    Reassigning the users/systems to another PC or new installation number

    Anita Anello

      You can assign the existing system with the old installation number to another/new installation. To do so, open a customer message with the component SBO-BC-LIKEY and provide us with the following information:

      Old and new installation number
      System number of the system (the system number is available on the SAP Service Marketplace)

      In both cases, which is sent to you by e-mail and is also available on the SAP Service Marketplace at service.sap.com/sbo-licensekey.

      Note that the number of released SAP Business One users cannot exceed the number of licensed users. If you exceed the number of the licensed users, you will only receive a temporary license key. To check the number of released users, follow the steps below:

      Internet address service.sap.com/sbo-licensekey
      Request license key
      Select the relevant installation.
      Select "Contractual agreements" on the top right side in your system details.