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    The Data Transfer workbench does not recognize the company Database when a Company Database from a given SQL server is a

    Anita Anello

      The Data Transfer Workbench cannot find this Database even though they appear in the  Business One ' choose company' window.

      Other terms
      Data transfer workbench, DTW, Data Migration, Database, company databaseSQL Server, SAP Business One, SBO, B1, SAP Business One

      Reason and Prerequisites
      The Obscommon does not exist or is missing so permission to the databaseor its permissions are not recognized.

      In order to solve your problem please perform the following:

      1. Go to Start/Programs/MSSQL server/ enterprise Manager.
      2. In the enterprise manager, expand the Microsoft SQL Servers/ SQL Server group/ and then your server by pressing on the .plus. button by the icon.
      3. Click on security then logins.
      4. Doubleclick on .Obscommon. and then "Database access" tab.
      5. Click on your Company database and check if under the 'Permit in Database Role' "Public". and "db_owner" are checked.
      6. If they are not or one is missing, please go to Databases.
      7. Click on your company database.
      8. Doubleclick on users,
      9. Doubleclick on Obscommon and check if "Public" and "db_owner" are checked.
      10. Delete the User Obscommon.
      11. Right click in the user window and select "create new database user".
      12. In the pop-up window in the login name field select Obscommon.
      13. Check "Public" and "db_owner" and Press Ok.
      14. Open your Data Transfer Workbench. Select your server and click on the "Refresh" button.