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    SAP Business One Service Manager is responsible for sending e-mails and faxes via SAP Business One.

    Anita Anello

      In case an e-mail or a fax was sent via SAP Business One but has not reached its destination/recipient, it is possible to diagnose a relevant error message, which can then help you trace the actual cause of this malfunction.

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      Failed to create Dispatch cover page, Error 49, Error 46, Error 36,

      Error 35

      Reason and Prerequisites
      Help for analyzing error messages returned from SAP Business One Service

      Manager (SBO Mailer) and documented under the Event Viewer.

      Error messages returned by SAP Business One Service Manager can be

      viewed under Start => Settings => Control Panel => Administrative Tools

      => Event Viewer => Application Log.

      Double click the column title 'Source' and locate all the errors related

      to 'SBOmail'.

      Double click an Error row to open the Event Properties window.

      The error number is displayed under the Description section.

      1. Error 49 - the e-mail could not be sent through the currenct SMTP. This usually occurs when a Local Exchange Server is defined within the Service Manager. It is necessary to define a Relay in the Exchange Server to the SQL Server and workstations running SAP Business One. It is also important to verify that the e-mail address defined for the sender in SAP Business One is valid.
      2. Error 35 - this error occurs when trying to send an e-mail with an attachment, that cannot be created or accessed via the Attachments path as defined in SAP Business One. It is necessary to verify that there are no folder restrictions on the Attachments folder. It is also necessary to verify that the created attachment has a valid name. In case the operating system does not support the specific language used in SAP Business One, the Service Manager will not recognize the created file. In NT 4.0 Servers, try running the SBO Mailer under an Administrator account, instead of under a Local service account.
      3. Error 36 - this error usually occurs when a wrong SMTP address is defined in the Service Manager. Try using an alternative SMTP address.
      4. Error 46 - this error usually occurs due to a wrong SMTP definition in the Service Manager or the SMTP traffic is being blocked by an existing FireWall.
      5. Failed to create Dispatch cover page - this error is relevant only when attempting to send faxes using SAP Business One Service Manager. This error indicates that there is an existing problem with WinFax cover pages. This problem exists in the WinFax product itself, however it is necessary to resolve this issue in order to send faxes via SAP Business One Service Manager. In order to resolve this problem refer to Symantec's article found in the following web link:
      http://service1.symantec. com/SUPPORT/faxprod.nsf/a74513c210251 d318525688d004c147a/854b9987beadca16852569b3006e34d0?OpenDocument &src=bar_sch_nam