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    I cannot connect to a company database with the DI API (the database is

    Anita Anello

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      Reason and Prerequisites
      Unexpected behaviour of the restore method of the SQL server.

      While restoring a database from a backup, the user's definition is not

      restored properly.

      The DI API uses a default user: OBSCommon.

      You need to fix this user in order to work with the DI API.

      The fix is made by deleting the user definition and creating it again.

      Please do the following:

      1. Open Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manager.
      2. Go to you company DB users folder e.g. Databases -> My_Company -> Users)
      3. Click the OBSCommon user (so it will be marked in blue).
      4. Right click it and choose -> Delete (this will delete the user).
      5. Right click anywhere on the screen and choose -> New Database User.
      6. In the Login Name drop down menu choose -> OBSCommon user.
      7. In Database Role Membership list (below) check the 'db_owner' box (eventually public and db_owner boxes are both checked).
      8. Click the OK button.
      Now your OBSCommon user is defined properly.