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    Frequently asked questions about SAP Business One

    Anita Anello

      Dear SAP customer,

      In this note, you will find the most frequently asked questions about the SAP Business One product. We are sure that the replies listed here will be of use to you.

      1. What authorization do I require to request a license key?
      If, as an SAP partner, you want to request a license key for the customers assigned to you, you require an S user with a "Partner license key request" authorization.
      If, as an SAP customer, you want to request a license key for your installation number, you require an S user with a "Request license key" authorization.
      For more information, see SAP notes 124703 and 103926.

      1. How long can I use my SAP Business One system after it has been installed?
      With a new installation, you can use the system for a duration of 31 days without a license key after the first posting. This period of 31 days cannot be extended. After this period has expired, you will no longer be able to access your system. For more information, see SAP note 578256.

      1. When must I request a new license key for my SAP Business One system?
      If your customer hardware key (machine ID) changes,
      if the number of users changes,
      if the license expiration date has expired, or
      if the modules change.
      If you carry out an upgrade to Release 2004.

      2. How many license keys must I request if I have 15 laptops that are used by one user each?
      In this case, you must request 15 license keys (1 license key = 1 system), that is, one for each user.

      1. What do I do if a new system was requested repeatedly instead of a new license key?
      Delete the excess requested systems as described in SAP note 614911. Connecting you in the SAP can request service Marketplace under the Internet address service.sap.com/sbo-licensekey -->Request license key the new license key for the existing system.

      1. What do I do if I request a license key using the wrong installation number?
      SAP can reassign the system that was called with the wrong installation to the correct installation. You need to open a message application area SBO-BC-LIKEY and provide us with the following information:

      Old and new installation number
      System number of the system (you will find the system number on the SAP Service Marketplace)

      1. How can I return users that are no longer required to SAP?
      Request a new license key with the reduced number of users for your existing system. SAP generates a new license key which is sent to you as an e-mail attachment. The request procedure is described in SAP Note 578256.

      The users you return can be used for other SAP Business One systems. The maximum number of users for all systems must not exceed the contractually licensed number of users. Note that this means that systems cannot be deleted. For more information, refer to notes 596562 and 614911.

      1. How can I determine how many users are already released and how many licensed users are in my system?
      Go to service.sap.com/sbo-licensekey.
      Request license key
      Select the relevant installation.
      Select "Contractual agreements" on the top right of the screen in your system details.
      This displays your contractually licensed users and released users. If you exceed the number of the contractually licensed users, you will only receive a temporary license key for 14 days. Check whether you can reduce the number of released users or delete old systems (see SAP note 614911 and 596562).

      1. How can I delete an SAP Business One system?
      The delete process is described in note 614911.

      1. How does SAP notify me of my license key?
      We send you the license key as an e-mail attachment (license file). You can also download the license key file from the SAP Service Marketplace.

      After you have received the license file, copy this to your computer. Then restart SAP Business One. When the license query appears, add the license file.

      1. Can I change the file type of the license file I receive as an e-mail attachment?
      Save the license file locally to your computer and change the file type (.txt, for example). Note that you must NOT change the contents of the license file.

      1. When is a temporary license key assigned for a SAP Business One system?
      If the number of contractually licensed users is exceeded.
      The person making the request is not assigned to the end customer or the partner.
      The contract is temporary.
      The license key was requested for modules that are not licensed.

      2. What is the Service Manager? Does the Service Manager use user licenses?
      The Service Manager is a server application that has different services running on Business One. These services contain codes that enhance the functions of the database server with external capabilities. The Service Manager does not use any user licenses.

      1. Why do I have to request two users for a standalone computer?
      The OBServer uses one user, and the user that logs on also uses one user. However, this is only relevant for Release 5.90.

      1. What must I do if more users than are licensed were requested?
      You must request a new license key for the correct number of users.

      1. In terms of a temporary license key, can I receive a new license key before the old one expires?
      Before the temporary license key expired, you must request a new one on the SAP Service Marketplace.

      1. Is the license key that the partner receives for a standalone computer temporary or unlimited?
      The license key is generally unlimited. The license key is temporary if the contract or hardware is temporary.

      The license key is temporary for two weeks if any discrepancies occur, for example, if too many users were requested or a valid contract was not found.

      1. What can you do if you receive an error message when you install the license key?
      Check whether your customer hardware key has changed. If so, you should then request a new license key using the new customer hardware key for your existing system. If this does not provide a solution, open a message under the SBO-BC-LIKEY component and send us the following information:

      What is your current customer hardware key?
      Which release are you using?
      Have you made any changes to the hardware or software?
      Did you install the license key using the license file that you received from SAP or did you use the download function on the SAP Service Marketplace?
      Have you deleted a license?

      Other queries
      If you have any other questions, send a message to the SBO-BC-LIKEY component.

      Kind regards,

      SAP License Auditing Services