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    How to create User Reports

    Anita Anello

      To create a "user report" complete the following steps:

      1. Go to the "Tools" menu and choose "User Reports".
      2. From the "Templates" tab open one of the system templates by double clicking on it.
      3. Save and name a new template by choosing "Save as" from the "Report Editor" menu. You can now edit the template with the desired fields/functions by doubleclicking on it.
      4. Choose "Saved Queries" from the "Tools" menu or double click the "Saved Queries" icon.
      5. Select the relevant query and click on the "Create Report" button which opens the "Create User Report" window.
      6. From the "Base Template" area highlight the template saved in Step 3.
      You can now edit the document in the normal document editor by opening the User report window and double clicking on the report.

      To view the output, open the User report window and highlight the Report and click the Print Preview button.