I really didn't mean to do this.


Really. but it just happened.  A lot like potato chips -- you can't munch just one.


I just came to the ASUG site to download a PDF of one of the sessions from the ASUG B1 conference in Miami. I saw my profile picture sitting so blankly.


So I fixed it.  then added a few photos,...


Updated my profile...


And there is this little word I cant seem to resist...blog.


This being a Friday afternoon when Resistance is at its strongest, I'm ironically doing something Resistance usually hates: I started writing.

During normal Business hours, I'm the IT supervisor for my company,  among many other things I do. Our SAP B1 9.1 implementation is often my responsibility. But before the sun comes up I'm a author, educator and blogger. My specialty is App development for iOS and watchOS devices, and as you can probably guess I'm a bit of an Apple freak.  Most of what I do is writing. So to sit down on a Friday afternoon and write seems odd to me. I usually would be procrastinating this.


While I was still getting my Master's in Education, I got the Chance to study abroad in Rome. That trip dramatically changed my life. Sometime thing fall in your lap and you need to just run with them. I think this will be one of those Columns.


There's a few things that are converging, and this is a good place to talk and work, and maybe even code with them. The first is my ongoing fascination with HANA. Our own implementation is still a SQL Server, but I do want to move up to HANA for a lot of reasons, most of them having to do with development. I think HANA will be a lot easier to develop for than SQL Server. The second thing that is converging happend last May, bring my world together.  Apple and SAP formed a partnership , Apple bringing the programming language Swift  to the SAP HANA world. Where this will lead I'm not sure yet, and I will write a post on my speculation about this another time. As one of the first experts outside of Apple on Swift, Those all brought me to looking at the SDK's and libraries for HANA, though I have yet to play with it.


But I want to. Along with that, I'm an educator at heart. I can't just do something, I have to teach it. Apple has yet to release what I assume will be SAPkit or HANAkit, a library to work along the SDK's. I'm not sure if Fiori or Xcode storyboards will be the UI. But it's a new adventure for me, and I suspect not a lot of people n the SAP world know Swift. So I'm going to do a little exploring in my worlds, and hopefully help you learn stuff you didn't know about.


Let's enjoy the ride.