You may have seen the announcement jointly made by SAP and Birst on October 9th or watched the Birst demo during Steve Lucas’ keynote at SAP TechEd && d-code in Las Vegas. Maybe you are curious as to what this ground breaking partnership is all about? Well let me explain.


So what does this new announcement mean? First it makes it possible for Birst customers to seamlessly use Birst and SAP HANA Cloud Platform together with a single solution all from Birst. As part of this new partnership, Birst is now SAP certified too.


Second, this partnership delivers on the promise of instant analytics with the agility of using a cloud-based business intelligence and analytics platform, the ease of making information available to the business with Birst’s user-ready data store and 2-Tier data strategy and the speed of queries delivered by SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform.


Finally, those of you who are tired of waiting for their Business Intelligence will get the answer they are looking for. I’ve blogged before about the compromises that we have always had to take in BI to deliver information in a timely way. Lack of agility with BI has caused an enormous split in the way organizations deliver analytics. The traditional approach to data warehousing has failed to keep up with the pace of modern business and is just too slow and rigid to respond to rapidly changing business requirements.


This led to many business users going independent of IT and investing in their own data discovery solutions. This will turn out to be something of a disaster I believe. Although it’s been one of the biggest trends in the BI market in the last few years, all we are doing is treating the symptoms and not the cause of the problem.

The combination of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and Birst is the first time we can start to treat the cause of this split rather than sticking another band-aid onto the problem. Getting BI users their instant analytics sooner rather than later is a good thing. No more waiting is finally a reality.