Enroll now!  SAP Cloud for Customer implementation workshop


In the Cloud for Customer - Project Implementation workshop,
you’ll discover one of SAP’s hottest cloud applications, the SAP Cloud for Customer
Solution.  Learn to set up and configure the app to manage sales, service, and social business processes in
the cloud!




Who can benefit from this workshop?


  • Application consultants
  • Project team members


What will we cover?


This workshop introduces SAP Cloud for Customer, and guides you through a typical implementation.  It will cover:


  • Introduction to SAP Cloud for Customer
  • The SAP Cloud Implementation Methodology
  • Working with organizations
  • Scoping and fine tuning
  • High-level overview of integration scenarios
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Data migration
  • Personalization and extensibility
  • Working with SAP Cloud for Customer Mobile
  • Reporting




Does this workshop
replace a course?







How can I register, or get more information?




Click here to register, or to get more information about the workshop.  If you have questions, please post them as a reply to this blog.