Having the latest and greatest technology is not a justification for purchase. These days folks seem to be buying technology because of the technology. That is akin to impulse consumer buying. You should be able to tie every dime you spend on technology or for that matter every dime you spend on any initiative back to an enterprise driver or objective. Once you align an initiative with an enterprise driver you should also be able to measure its impact on that driver. If it does not align don't spend the time.


Too often I see folks employing technology because it seems to be the right thing to do or worse yet because it is on the next great frontier, and yet it actually does nothing to accelerate the attainment of a particular enterprise objective or driver.  We should take care in being able to delineate the how, where and why of a particular technological innovation's role in achieving enterprise objectives.  If it doesn't get us there faster, improve our ability to hit the target or trigger cost effectiveness or profitable revenue growth then we should be asking ourselves why we are making the investment.