It's it not easy being green, but it's expensive if you're not.  If you have deliveries to multiple locations then you probably have some level of accounts payable reconciliation that requires supporting paper or electronic documentation.  What's bad is that you may even have people in your organization printing electronic documents just to file them.  What's even worse is that you may have people printing out supporting documentation to ship paperwork back to a central location for filing.  You know who you are ...


Let's look at the cost:

     $ paper + $ ink + $ time for the end user to produce the documentation + $ storage + $ shipping




What if there is a discrepancy in your 3-way match, and you have to find that documentation?  Has the supporting documentation made it into your files where it can be found quickly when the discrepancy is first discovered?  Or do you have someone in your accounts payable department who is a full-time accounts payable detective?


Imagine if your end users could securely associate content to a SAP transaction using a multifunction scanner, tablet, smartphone, PC or simple browser.  See how NSi AutoStore can be used to automate your paper-based workflows into SAP.