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On April 4, 2018, ASUG presented a webcast on “UX: SAP Experience Maker services – the right tools and technologies to realize your user experience in a digital world”. Nis Boy Naeve, Vice President SAP Cloud Platform UX Product Management, discussed the various options that you have for creating applications.


He covered Build, Web IDE, and Fiori Elements, the key components to develop UI5-based Fiori apps for the browser. He also mentioned SAP Screen Personas as a way to render simplified classic screens on a mobile device. He also talked about Mendix as a rapid way to develop native Fiori apps.


The audience had several great questions, which I have answered below.


You can watch the complete replay of the webcast here.



Can you enhance Fiori applications using Mendix?

SAPUI5 applications cannot be enhanced using Mendix. We recommend sticking with the technology used to create the app.

Is there a plan to allow creation of Fiori Apps via other tools like Google RAD tool?

There are no plans at this point.

Will SAP deliver pre-built native iOS mobile apps or must the customer build all of the apps using the mobile development kit?

SAP plans to deliver a few native iOS apps. Our focus is to provide an SDK that customers or partners can build apps to meet their specific needs.


Fiori apps (UI5) can already run on mobile browsers.

Is the Mobile Card Kit read only? Could user be allowed to update specific field within the card? E.g. Customer Address changes ..

First version of mobile card kit was read-only.

New version adds limited writing capabilities.

Can you replace the Enterprise Portal with Launchpad instead of Cloud Platform portal?

This is a common question. The answer is “it depends.”

If you use the Enterprise Portal for mostly employee and manager self service apps, you can replace with Fiori Launchpad.

If you use Enterprise Portal as a corporate portal, then you cannot replace with FLP. Either keep both for now or switch to Cloud Platform portal.

What do you have to buy or subscribe to for the player approach he described (IT Administrator can update apps with a click)?

This capability is part of the mobile services coming with the SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Development Kit.

What is SAP's approach moving forward for mobile device management?

We are moving towards mobile cloud services. For mobile device management specifically we recommend to use partner solutions.


On behalf of the ASUG UX SIG, Peter Spielvogel.