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Communities make things happen.

And that's why we're trying something new in ASUG's HR Community.

A new way to engage with us: an individual membership to the HR Community.


As long-time ASUG members know, the keys to ASUG knowledge, networking and influence have traditionally been held at the corporate level. That is, a company would purchase the membership and all employees/members of that company had access to and all of the associated fringe benefits of being an ASUG member. That worked great for all us as we learned to manage a fully integrated ERP platform.


But times have changed. And will continue to change. HR and HRIS professionals are living in a dynamic environment - one where business processes need to be rapidly and continually adjusted, where HR "tech savvy" talent is a critical need in any business; and where those that have the right skills are often moving from one company to another.


We believe that what we deliver in the ASUG HR Community is critical to HR success. And we believe that membership is a portable resource - one that should grow with professionals as they migrate from position to position.

FACT: the ASUG community has a unique passion for understanding business problems, for collaborating to influence SAP to meet those business challenges, and for growing resourceful leaders who know how to maximize community, shared knowledge and technology to create solutions.

FACT: ASUG's Human Resources Community is - today - positioned better than ever to help individuals be successful in their HR or HRIS careers with Professional Development Credits, thought leadership content, business-focused education, and discussions that are focused on opening eyes to the possibilities - instead of to just the next product you might buy. 

FACT: every business needs people. The ability to manage those people effectively through business processes and / or technology is a critical skill that will never go away. It might just need to be constantly tweaked, updated, renewed. That’s where we fit in.


Don't believe me? Take a closer look. In the Human Resources space, today's professionals find value in collaborating on business process solutions - not necessarily on the technology to address those business processes alone. In ASUG's HR Community, our members run a variety of HR technical solutions and perhaps use one module of SAP SuccessFactors or SAP HCM on-premise. In our HR Community, discussions range from meeting ACA (Affordable Care Act) requirements to the future workplace where we will manage robots alongside humans. How are our counterparts addressing all of this? What can we learn from someone who has gone before us in solving a unique challenge? And - knowing everything we know - what is the best solution for you and your own unique business?


That is where our passion lies: in helping each other think, learn, create the best HR for each of us.


You're not your customer number. You are unique. Your needs are unique. Your need for answers spans a spectrum of issues. It's not the technology that gives us the answers. It's each one of us together.