The new SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is the next step towards adopting support for SAP HANA. As part of this upgrade, customers will be able to utilize HANA software licenses to make staff familiar without making upfront payments in most cases. Additionally, it will also be easily implemented regardless of whether a customer is already running HANA or not. Additionally, there is an increased focus on progressing towards a more intuitive, graphical interface that will get the workforce at top performance levels in no time at all. Bolstering its short training times for employees, SAP Solution Manager 7.2 will also lead the way towards the next generation of cloud based ERP platforms. The new features that can help you run SAP like a factory are detailed below:

  1. Business Oriented and Ready for Complex Modeling:
    Solution Manager 7.2 is more business and IT oriented than ever before with multiple enhancements. This includes Pragmatic Business Process Management that is designed as an improvement over essential workplace tools like Excel and Visio. PBPM retains powerful publishing features with easy modeling and visualization for business purposes. Additionally, planned Business View features also include Benchmarking, Value Recognition, and Exception Management, which will help bring in a new era of centralized operations control.

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 will also give users the power to manage more complex processes by including additional layers for the modeling process. Instead of having just 3 layers to work with like existing versions, version 7.2 will allow for the unified monitoring and modeling of multiple scenarios as needed.

  1. Increasing Role of IT:
    The integration of ITIL aligned IT Service Management (ITIM), Change Request Management (ChaRM) and Application Lifestyle Management (ALM) processes via SAP is another major step forward in the integration of Information Technology Portfolio and Project Management (ITPPM). Some of the features included for this purpose include the assessment of processes for efficiency, application usage verification, and exception management.
  2. Adopting SAP HANA:
    SAPA HANA is the reinvention of the database by simplifying IT solutions to a building block level that extends all the way to the top for all inclusive enterprise solutions. In other words, HANA allows users to process the information that would require multiple complexity layers, databases, integration layers, search, and predictive processing in other tools.

By eliminating these processes and developing HANA as an in memory tool, customers can now crunch their numbers thousands of times faster, and reduce their database footprint by 95 percent; resulting in a massive reductions in hardware requirements, data management, processing times, and security risks. Furthermore, users also have the advantage of advanced analytics including Predictive, Geospatial, and Text analytics allowing for real-time business process management.
With all of these benefits, it is no wonder SAP users are over the moon about the announcement that they will be able to access SAP HANA without a license with Solution Manager 7.2. It will also include the SAP Fiori interface which can be adapted across multiple devices and can be used to access all applications.

  1. Graphical Interface:
    One of the biggest updates arriving with Solution Manager 7.2 is a graphical modeling environment. This will have a major impact on reducing employee training time and having the ability to handle multiple processes at the same time. The development team at SAP developed this idea to give business experts the freedom to run scenarios and evaluate models without needing extensive technical knowledge.
    The new graphical modeling features include:
    - System agnostic process modeling
    - Business case driven value prediction
    - Business role based modeling
    - Business requirements management
    - Preconfigured process flows that can be used as model industry solutions


  1. Moving to the Cloud:
    SAP Solution Manager 7.2 marks the beginning of a new era with reliable data transfer for access from virtually anywhere in the world. Available both on public and private cloud, this will permit organizations with multiple offices to control business process Key Performance Indicators. It will also allow synchronized software and configuration maintenance and upgrades, ensuring that all participants in the management process have access to the latest updated tools.

In conclusion, SAP Solution Manager 7.2 promises some major breakthroughs for SAP users. New business functions allow unlocking capabilities and promise business growth across all industries. Upgrades to the latest version are already rolling out, and if you want to remain agile and competitive, it is time to prepare and get ready for SAP Solution Manager 7.2 today.