I've been missing from the blogosphere the last couple months, busy working on some new and exciting projects as well as getting ready for fall conference presentations.  While I am not quite ready to share details on the internal projects, I can talk about the upcoming conference presentations. 

On October 6-7th, I will be at the ASUG community focus summit for Supply Chain Management in Princeton, NJ.   Have you registered yet?  It's a complementary event from ASUG and a great way to network with your fellow SAP customers.  Register here for the event.


I am facilitating an AP roundtable session at this conference with Georg Fischer from SAP.  We are going to talk about the user engagement process as well as what we have been doing as a special interest group.  We also want to hear from you what you have been working on this last year, your current challenges for AP, and what you plan to work on next year.  This is a fantastic way to give us ideas for presentations & webcasts that you want to hear in the coming year. 

Finally, we will also show you an AP survey that we are going to send out for the first time this fall. It's a pretty detailed survey covering AP that will allow us to better understand  how the SAP solution is being used, so we can also create targeted content for you over the next year.  Over the course of next year, we will be sharing the results of that survey so that you can see what other customers are using as well.

We want to have our ASUG content relevant for your needs, and this is a great way to work with us without committing a lot of time!  See you in Princeton!

PS- I'm also taking tips on your favorite NYC pizza place, since I will be spending the weekend before in NYC.  I know this part is a little random, but I will do many things for good pizza.  ;o)