DevOps; tool sets, suites, systems, applications and products, whatever you use for your Agile change and release management; your organization want to change! Improve and drive the success of the business past the 21st century.  This means you too.  Collaboration between IT and business users, simplifying responsibilities, eliminating waste, automation, control and audit-ability.  Whatever your deciding factor was to apply this method into your company’s vision.


How many of us still hear of managers insistent on ‘micro managing’!?  A recent client engagement slapped me silly when meeting a technical manager overseeing developers.  His ‘loud n proud’ statement of micro management had me thinking how unfortunate for your team, department and the company.  The more I listened the more I smiled! knowing that his expectation of coding quality, build structures, and peer review for consistency before releasing and migrating developments through the landscape, were all what I was there to automate with my onsite implementation.  With 30+ analyzers completing manual work automatically and within seconds, compared to their hours and days of review, rework and release.  We achieved Lean.  He now has more time to enjoy his Rodeos.