For many folks, the core of ASUG is exchanging stories about challenges and successes. One excellent way to do that is via the Chapter or Special Interest Group Forums. By following a specific Forum, you will be able to quickly and easily find the topics that interest you and participate more easily.

1. Click Discussions.


2. Click Places.



3. By default, you will see all of the places, which can make it difficult to find the exact Chapter or SIG that you want. You can cut down on the number of options by typing "special" or "regional" to display only the top level SIGs or Regional Chapters. Then click on the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) link or Regional Chapters link to display the list of SIGs or Chapters.



4. You made it! Now click Follow so that you can find the space more easily next time!


5. Click Done to finish.




In my next blog, How to... Get back to your favorite SIG quickly and easily!, you'll see how to get back to your new favorite Forum in just 3 clicks!