A New Beginning...

At the ASUG volunteers conference in Dallas recently, we were challenged to update our SIGs and Chapters to embrace the modern digital age. Part of that push involves blogging. I've been a blogger on SCN for some time and I've posted odd blogs here and there throughout the interwebs over time, but until today, I'd never blogged anything here on ASUG.


It's not for lack of desire. I've always been a big ASUG supporter. I've attended more meetings than I can count as a speaker or an attendee, but this year was my year to take the plunge as a volunteer, and I'm glad I did. So filled with fresh enthusiasm, I am here to start blogging on the ASUG web site. My first impression is that the tools here on ASUG are first rate, but that getting to them might be intimidating for some first time bloggers.


... and a promise of things to come


So this post is a start, however rudimentary, of things to come. In the near future I'll be posting advice on how to blog on the ASUG web site and how to use Twitter to get the word out to followers regarding SIG/chapter activities. If you have special requests or any other comments, please submit them below. Happy Blogging!




Thomas Dulaney


Program Chair, Program Management and Maintenance

Partner, The Peloton Group