Health and Safety is very important in any workplace, especially places like manufacturing plant, construction areas and mining fields fall under high Hazards workplace. Workforce are the main backbone to any industry. Special personals are appointed and regulation bodies take necessary steps to prevent and reduce Hazards in industries.

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) said there were 6,956 nonfatal injuries and 54 workplace fatalities in 2011. These injuries were based on the characteristics of the accident victim, the nature of the incident and the working environment.


Fatal facts

Based on the information from US Department of Labour and OSHA, the following fatal facts are inferred.

  • Out of 4,101 worker fatalities in private industry in the year 2013, 828 or 20.2% were in construction.
  • This caused more than half of construction worker death in 2013
  • Eliminating this would save more than 478 workers life in America
  • There have been more than 12 fatalities in the US, each day in 2013
  • A major proportion of these fatalities happened in the construction industry
  • OSHA statistics across major industries for the years 2005 till 2011 shows that construction industry had the highest TCR (Total Case  Rate ) followed by mining and manufacturing industries
  • California, Texas, Florida and Illinois are the top ranking states in terms of workplace injuries in construction
  • Construction industry alone accounts for more casualties than mining and manufacturing together

  • Falls and highway crashes account for almost 60% of the all the causes of workplace injuries.
  • Heads and Legs gets injured a lot during the Hazard
  • Head gets the highest injury which leads to fatal accidents


Beyond Columns and Pies

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