Trend analysis plays a vital role in understanding context and relevance of business data. Hence, visualizing Time Series has to be quick, easy, and intuitive. This is particularly true, with tools such as SAP Lumira which enable the business user to self-service his or her analytics. In this situation, the right kind of visualization and easy customization play critical roles in the ability to make quick decisions.


This blog is based on a presentation I gave at  SAP Analytics Infoday 2015, where we had built a special type of chart using Lumira SDK to analyse and visualize Time Series data in SAP Lumira. This chart type is one of a kind for SAP Lumira. It is a smart combination of categorical analysis which drills down to a Time Series analysis within a single component.


The custom chart consists of a bar chart for categorical comparison, which acts as  filter for a calendar heatmap which then facilitates the day-after-day analysis. This calendar heatmap can accommodate the entire year within a scroll-less canvas. In this blog, I will explain the chart properties while providing a glimpse into the SAP Analytics Infoday 2015 session  conducted cooperatively by SAP and Visual BI Solutions.

As an example, I have day-wise sales data for different products of a store for three years and I would like to analyze the sales patterns. The following visualizations make an attempt in accommodating all of this data into a single viz.


What it was before


SAP Lumira visualization


SAP Lumira visualizations


Looks murky doesn’t it?  It looks that way because there are so many data points to be captured. But not so anymore! Because we now have our BewilderBeast, which can accommodate all of this data in a slick manner. Take a look at it below:


What it is now

To know the lean and easy way to represent the above. Take a look @ A Novel Way to Visualize Time Series in SAP Lumira | SCN