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ABAP is important

Over 100K productive systems are running

1809 release in September


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Fiori is chosen UI application; important to optimize ABAP back end of application

AMDP - native HANA features into ABAP application - lifecycle management

ABAP in Eclipse for efficient development; strategic platform for ABAP development to modernize the ways ABAP is developed and a more declarative language

Cloud is important in ABAP world


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One common codeline for on-premise and cloud


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Business suite with installed base have high requirements

Goal: no disruption


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SAP codeline split; the way forward


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Offering in SAP Cloud Platform environment

Offering ABAP as a programming language in SCP

Can use ABAP in Eclipse; programmer can take their knowledge to the cloud; cloud-optimized  - git is used for code exchange, version management, transport mechanism

ABAP Restful programming model


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Some of this released a few weeks ago

752 continues with previous release strategy; a modern ABAP language, more declarative

Database centric - HANA centric - 740 - new data modeling infrastructure with Core Data Services

OpenSQL - enhance feature scope, expressions, functions

752 - support HANA 2.0

ABAP daemons - monitor ABAP sessions in the backend; react to different types of errors and handle real-time events

Toolings in quality assurance - ABAP Test Cockpit - quality, performance, security (ATC) - improved code coverage

ATC supports remote code analysis


Extensibility - for S/4HANA cloud and on-premise - extend existing applications on predefined customer exits; in cloud you don't have full control of application


Planned innovations - delivered 1809 in end of September; many features are covered in planned innovations - enhanced CDS in AMDP

Define parent-child relation in hierarchy

An evolution of programming model AMDP in Fiori - delivered in ABAP in SCP, will find its way to on-premise

Analyze code based on usage data, graphical view of results


MQTT protocol is supported for machine to machine communication in area of ABAP channels


Extensibility - September 4th - ABAP in SCP


Product direction:

include innovations in S/4HANA

Business Suite - provide selected enhancements

Continuous adoption of capabilties

Eclipse native editors


SCP - new use cases - support partner extensions and in SAP app center


2020 product vision - no future with only ABAP, and no future without ABAP (B. Goerke quote)

Keep ABAP platform up to date


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ABAP in Eclipse is platform of choice


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ABAP optimizations for SAP HANA


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Core data services provides more advanced data views, enrich views with domain specifics, data models can be transactional/analytical applications - impossible before in SE11


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ABAP programming model, use core data services

OData in ABAP stack; provide semantics to build Fiori elements, a template based UI approach and can do freestyle development


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752 ABAP Daemons

1809  - MQTT protocols, version 3.1.1., machine to machine communications


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Tools to check custom code usage


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New Fiori application in 1809 as shown above

Create deletion transport to remove unused ABAP code

Need order by statement; when migrate can't assure order


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ABAP Restful programming model - covers what not is covered in ABAP programming model - how integrate existing code into programming model?