An excerpt from an SAP Business Innovation blog.

Hindu scriptures talk about three basic components that all matter is made up of:

  • Sattva – A bias towards knowledge
  • Rajas – A bias towards action
  • Tamas – A bias towards inertia


These are the same components that are required in leading change initiatives.


It is critical that the leaders of the change initiative know the reasons for the change that they want to bring in.


It is equally critical that the leaders do not just stop at the intellectual level and knowing what needs to happen.



If the knowledge and action parts are done well, you would have built some momentum in the change effort.


This concept is not only applicable for leading organizational change but also for individual change. You can apply the same steps to reduce weight, write a book, or follow your dream.


Get the details around each of these components by reading the entire blog here.


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