An excerpt from an SAP Business Innovations blog by Vanessa Hall


A number of leaders have shared this with me, quietly, as we’ve been exploring the whole concept of trust, how it works, how it breaks down, how to build it, and how to be a trusted leader.


Fascinated by how often I’ve met leaders who really don’t trust themselves to lead, I wanted to know more. Here’s what I found:

Over half have been elevated into leadership positions because of technical ability, but really don’t know much about leadership.


Around a quarter of them have a very clear vision of what they want for the organization but don’t know how to articulate that and get others on board.

Close to three quarters of leaders do not have alignment between their own values and sense of purpose and the organisation’s values and mission.

A massive 90% were too focused on being ‘liked’ and had not made any effort to be ‘trusted’.


Let’s look at each of these challenges:


Technical skills versus leadership


Articulating the vision


Aligning own values and purpose with the organization


Being ‘liked’ versus being ‘trusted’



Read the details behind the challenges in the entire blog found here.