A blog excerpt from LinkedIn posted by Doug Hess, Communications and Training Manager at iSqFt


I’ve worked closely with enough business leaders to get a feel for what makes them tick. There are good ones and . . . less-good ones, of course, but after a while you begin to see patterns and similarities and you can’t help but put together a picture of those attributes the good ones have in common.


There are the traits that every good employee has--like being talented, focused, smart, and knowledgeable--but being a leader requires something different. There is something about people who can lead talented, focused, smart people and get them to dig deep, to do their best work, and emotionally invest in reaching a common goal. What is that? What are those attributes?

The assessment
Each of the following five traits is important. Every leader is different, but for the purposes of this assessment, we’re going to give each attribute the same point value. After reading the description, honestly evaluate yourself and think about where and how you can improve.


  1. Ego
  2. Understanding your limitations
  3. Drive
  4. Vision
  5. Motivation and inspiration


Read the entire blog here to learn more about each trait and take the self assessment.